New ILS to enhance safety of flights at IKIA

November 11, 2019 - 20:47

TEHRAN – The Imam Khomeini International Airport has installed a new Instrument Landing System (ILS) in order to improve the safety of flights, IKIA deputy director for airport operations has said.

“Currently the right runway 29 is equipped with a precise landing navigation system and the ILS was stationed for left runway 11,” Hassan Khoshkhoo said.

“Planes can control all flights in bad weather conditions with this new system,” he noted.

“The system was set up by experts at Iran Airports Company and it will be ready for incoming flights.”

The radio-navigation system enables pilots to land an airplane by instrument approach when the pilot cannot see the runway, providing aircraft with horizontal and vertical guidance just before and during landing and, at certain fixed points, and it also indicates the distance to the reference point of land.


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