Derailing protests by anti-Iran media doomed to failure

Iranians’ vigilance in face of media war

November 18, 2019 - 12:13

TEHRAN – While the fate of Britain is in ambiguity as the country’s officials have been unable to handle the Brexit issue despite the passage of three years, London, instead of concentrating on settling awful internal problems, is still actively busy in disseminating discord among people in other countries by riding on waves of protests.

 While real independent-seekers in Scotland are under Britain’s political and security pressure, notorious news networks, including the BBC, have embarked on riding on some protests and riots. For instance, in the protests that have followed rationing and raising gas price in Iran, these networks try to sow discord among the people to materialize their own objectives. 

Definitely and certainly, the name of the BBC news network has always been tied with wickedness. The BBC, in the last 40 years, has turned into a channel for transferring message of ill-wishers and enemies of the Iranian nation and establishment, but at the end the news network has failed to achieve its goals. 

In protests to the gas price rise in Iran, the BBC has launched a disinformation campaign and seeking to incite violence, yet the network’s move is doomed to failure.

Instead of resorting to propagandistic media warfare in regard to protests over petrol price rises in Iran which were also accompanied by some violent acts by some thugs, the BBC should prepare a report on the current crises in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and the Wales. Beyond that, it should prepare an analysis on the reasons behind the weakening of the royal family and the Queen herself.

The BBC’s move will fail as the severity of the protests in Iran is decreasing rapidly.

The BBC should find an answer for the question why does Britain, especially after the Brexit referendum, has become weaker and more vulnerable day by day?  

The BBC’s strategy of sowing discord has been followed by the Iran International news network, which has been set up and supported by the Saudis and the Zionist regime of Israel. 

The Saudis who are principally alien to democracy and republicanism and give the most crushing response to any form of protest against the Riyadh rulers - the most concrete example is slaughtering journalist and critic Jamal Khashoggi - are now encouraging protests in Iran.
The Saudi rulers’ criminality has left no place before the Iranian nation, so their pro-democracy and freedom-seeking claims regarding the recent protests in Iran are abhorrent. 

Undoubtedly, as it has always been proven, the Iranian nation will choose the most logical and clever reaction towards the joint propagandistic plots applied by Saudi Arabia and Britain and will cause another heavy defeat for them.     


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