More Russian travelers getting interested in Iran: ATOR

November 25, 2019 - 19:16

TEHRAN – Iran, as an open-air museum of cultural heritage, is steadily attracting the attention of more Russians, Maya Lomidze, president of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), has said.

“Russian tourists’ interest in traveling to Iran has increased,” IRNA quoted Lomidze as saying on Monday.

Iran's proximity to Iraq, or other destabilized countries in the Middle East, has not affected Russian tourists’ interest in traveling to Iran, she explained.

Hundreds of unique tourist attractions in Iran, which is an open-air museum, have made it one of the best places in the world with extensive tourism opportunities, she said.

“Despite all negative media propaganda, which are circulated against Iran, many Russian travelers are drawn to this country, and they are pleased for their visits; some even want to travel to Iran again.”

Ebrahim Pourfaraj, who presides over the Iranian Tour Operators Association, said in August that that a majority of potential Russian travelers are unaware of vast tourist attractions that exist in every corner of Iran.

“The fact is that Iran’s political and economic relations with Russia are considered as good, but this has nothing to do with attracting tourists because it is directly connected with the Russian people. It is the Russian people who must choose Iran as their destination,” he explained.

The 2019 Travel Risk Map, which shows the risk level around the world, puts Iran among countries with “insignificant risk”, a category where the UK, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, and Finland are placed in.


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