Iran, Caspian Sea littoral states to stage naval drill in near future 

December 10, 2019 - 17:28

TEHRAN - The Iranian Navy commander has announced that his forces and navies from the Caspian Sea littoral states will stage a joint drill in the near future to enhance their cooperation to counter possible threats. 

In an interview with Azad University News Agency (ANA) published on Tuesday, Rear Admiral Mohammad Hossein Khanzadi said, “the Caspian Sea littoral states’ joint naval drill is aimed at countering any insecurity, terrorist attacks as well as bolstering the participant countries’ rescue and relief and reconnaissance capabilities and capacities.”

He said, “Within a framework agreed by the Sea’s littoral states in the summer, the exact date of the upcoming joint drill will be announced after completion of necessary planning.” 

The rear admiral reiterated Iran’s position that the Caspian is the sea of peace and friendship.

“From Iran’s point of view, the Caspian Sea is the Sea of peace and friendship, so the upcoming drill is meant preparing to counter any insecurity hotspot and any terrorist operation. The second objective of the joint maneuver is to operationalize the entire capabilities of the littoral states’ navies regarding rescue and relief and reconnaissance operations.”

He further touched upon the Navy’s construction activities in Makran coasts, saying, “Permanent deployment of Navy forces across Makran coasts will help development of the region.”

“The Navy will inaugurate a large hospital in Bandar Abbas and another one in Konarak in Makran coasts by the yearend. The Navy is to build another hospital in the port city of Jask,” the Navy commander explained.  

In mid-October, Iran and four other Caspian Sea littoral states signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) in Saint Petersburg to broaden cooperation among their navies.

Rear Admiral Khanzadi and his counterparts signed the deal which mainly focuses on security, training, technical as well as rescue and relief cooperation.

The Iranian Navy commander held separate meetings with Russian, Azeri and Kazakh counterparts on the sidelines of meeting of the Caspian Sea littoral states' navy commanders.


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