Iran issues travel advisory for France due to unrest

December 10, 2019 - 21:23

TEHRAN – Iran’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday issued a warning for Iranian citizens to postpone traveling to France amid ongoing protests and civil unrest in the European country.

The Ministry has advised Iranian citizens to exercise increased caution due to “violent protests in various cities of that country” and postpone their travels to France in order to preserve their safety and health, ISNA reported.

Regarding to constant public protests during the past year and concerning general strikes over the past two days and the violent protests in various cities of that country, particularly Paris, Iranian travelers and tourists are strongly advised to postpone their trips to France, the statement said.

French unions are staging a second round of mass street demonstrations as the country entered its sixth day of a nationwide strike and transport standstill over proposed plans to change the pensions system, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.


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