Austrian composer Eric Spitzer-Marlyn donates recording device to Film Museum of Iran

December 13, 2019 - 17:57

TEHRAN – Austrian composer Eric Spitzer-Marlyn visited the Film Museum of Iran on Wednesday, donating his old Nagra III tape recorder to the museum in Tehran during a special ceremony. 

Spitzer-Marlyn is in Tehran to hold workshops during the 13th Cinéma Vérité, Iran’s major international documentary film festival, which is currently underway in Tehran. 

“This device is still working and I used it on several film projects,” he said and added, “I still prefer to use such an old device instead of a new digital one.”

“I wanted to do something when I saw the enthusiasm of the young Iranian documentarians and film lovers during my previous workshops at the previous edition of the festival, so I decided to donate this device to the museum,” Spitzer-Marlyn stated.

Iranian documentarian Ahmed Zabeti-Jahromi, who was in attendance at the ceremony, said that the museum will preserve the device as a memento of Spitzer-Marlyn’s stay in Tehran, and it will remain in the memory of the museum forever.

Spitzer-Marlyn is known for his collaboration as a sound engineer with the famous German screenwriter and documentarian, Werner Herzog.

Photo: Austrian composer Eric Spitzer-Marlyn donates his recording device to the Film Museum of Iran on December 11, 2019.


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