Is it safe to travel to Iran 2019 – 2020?

December 14, 2019 - 16:7

Iran is a four-season country with almost 2500 years of history that also has 24 Iran UNESCO world heritage sites. Doesn’t matter the taste, Iran can be the number one choice of many foreign tourists. If you are a fan of camping and eco-tours, we can offer the Hyrcania forests of north witch are Iran’s newest UNESCO world heritage site too. If you are a fan of historical sites, here in Iran, you can visit the tomb of Cyrus the great and where he ruled his kingdom. If you want to experience something completely new and exciting, we offer you to visit Iran Nomads. In summary from snow activities to visiting the hottest desert in the world, from staying in the luxuries five-star hotels to camping in the middle of the jungle, and in one word everything can be experienced in Iran.

Here comes the question of the safety of travelling to Iran. Well, Ira has different rules and obligation to the European countries like wearing hijab or not drinking alcohols, in which many of them will be mentioned in the article. Still, the results and talking to Iran former travelers show that in you decide to experience travelling to Iran with trustable Iran tours, not only your Iran travel would be safe but also your Iran travel guide would always be there to help you if an unwanted situation comes along. Remember Iran is entirely safe to travel to, but it is suggested to visit Iran trough an Iran travel agency, especially if it is your first Iran trip.

What can you not do in Iran?

As promised above, I’m going to explain some of our obligation and precautions for tourists who want to travel to Iran. There are things that may seem normal done in our country but in our might be taboo or even illegal. Let’s discover the five most important one of them. Number one: don’t bring alcohols or ask for them in Iran; it is completely forbidden. Although hotels serve alcohol drinks to the foreigners, we strongly recommend not to ask for it. Number two: do not shake hands with the opposite sex in public, especially women, it is not illegal but considered rather rude, let the opposite sex to offer their hand first.

Number three: never walk indoor with shoes unless the owner asks you to, Iranians never walk indoors or inside a hotel room with shoes unless it is an unusual occasion. Number four: try not to call the “Persian Gulf” other names like “Arab Gulf” or merely the “Gulf” in your Iran travel, since it is a touchy subject to most of them. And as for number five: Don’t show the thumbs up unless you want to pick a fight with the other person. It is an obscene and lousy gesture in Iran, mainly like showing the middle finger in European countries. There are many talented and fun facts about Iran that one should know for travelling to Iran or you can simply travel to Iran with Iran tours and let the Native Iran travel guide help you.

What is unique about Iran?

Iran is a vast country and is especial in so many ways. For example, if you are a fan of sand, camel riding, and starry skies, Iran has the hottest desert in the world (the Lut desert). If you here to experience and see something new, Iran has the world’s biggest water cave located in Hamadan, where Avicenna the fader of modern medicine was born. You can explore this water cave with paddle boats. If you are a climber and a fan of skiing, you should know Iran has the highest volcano in Asia (The Damavand mount) with 5,610 meters height located in the north of the capital of Iran, Tehran. And many many more special and one a kind site that you can only visit in Iran like the highest wind catcher in the world in Yazd. If like many other Iran visitors, you don’t want to miss any of these unique sights too, we recommend contacting Gapatour Iran travel agency.

As a pioneer in Iran tourism industry, the Gapatour Company offer the best services at the lowest prices compared to the other Iran travel agencies. You can also customize your Iran tour package and change the date’s accommodation or the sights you will be visiting if you don’t like the offered ones. I highly recommend taking a look at their website or contacting them directly. It is time to pack your bag for a romantic trip.

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