Interior Ministry approves competency of over %90 of Majlis candidates 

December 18, 2019 - 18:55

TEHRAN - The election boards affiliated to the Interior Ministry have approved the competency of 91 percent of the candidates registering to run for the February parliamentary election, government spokesman Ali Rabiei told reporters on Wednesday. 

Ali Rabiei said the figure was given by Interior Minister Abdoleza Rahmani Fazli in a cabinet meeting on Wednesday. 

“The interior minister briefed the cabinet of ministers over the trend of registration of Majlis candidates and assessment of their competency,” the government spokesman stated.

“Based on the report, 16,033 candidates had registered for the 11th Majlis election out of which 848 candidates submitted their withdrawal in a 10-day period adopted for relinquishment,” Rabiei added. 

From the remaining 15,185 candidates whose inquiries had been assessed, he said, competency of a sum of 13,849 was approved by the election boards. 

“Accordingly and totally, competency of 8.8 percent of candidates was rejected due to different reasons,” the spokesman added, quoting the interior minister. 

The 11th Majlis election will be held in 208 constituencies on February 21.  

The candidates’ background checks includes reviewing candidates' military service, as well as their records with the police, judiciary, intelligence bodies and census registry.

Candidates should be confirmed by the Guardian Council before they can officially run for a seat in the parliament. 

The second round of vetting is conducted by the Guardian Council through its supervisory boards. 

Article 99 of the constitution states that the council "is responsible for supervising the elections of the Experts Assembly, the President of the Republic, the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and referrals to the public vote and referenda."

The rejected candidates are entitled to appeal against the election boards’ outcome in four days.  


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