Ayatollah Khamenei says martyrs must be honored

December 27, 2019 - 18:31

TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said that martyrs must be honored, because there are “malicious” moves in line with marginalizing martyrdom.

“Honoring martyrs is an essential thing to do and is a duty upon all of us because there are malicious policies and moves aimed at making the revolution’s symbols, especially Jihad and martyrdom, forgotten and we have to stand against these policies,” he said during a meeting with members of the Hormozgan martyrdom congress on December 16 which was published on Thursday.

He said that martyrs are a symbol of altruism and those who are ready to die on the path of defending righteousness and attached great importance to introducing these “very valuable symbols” to the youths. 

Elsewhere, the Leader said that islands in Hormozgan province are very important from security, economic and historical aspects.

He added that the people in this province face economic problems which must be addressed.


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