By Payam Mohebbi, head of Tehran Pet Hospital

Humans responsible for protecting world's biodiversity

January 1, 2020 - 19:4

TEHRAN – Perhaps many of us do not know why we should think of a word called biodiversity and want to protect it.

We all need to have a systematic view of the entire universe, just as our bodies work as a system, the universe is a large ecosystem, with all its components working together balanced. So there is this fact, that just as if an organ has a problem could disrupt the whole human life, any animal in the world face a problem, humanity would also face difficulties.

If we want to reach a common approach on biodiversity, we can see that the more balanced the system is, the better it will perform, through which humanity can enjoy the benefits of the system, such as the ever-lasting desire of humans in discovering the elixir of life and extending the lifespan which actually fulfilled through inventing antibiotics, that has raised the life expectancy all over the world.

It is important to note that as life expectancy has increased, the need for food on the planet has also expanded, an issue that resulted in depletion of the world's natural resources, including forests, rangelands, and pastures which exacerbated day by day in response to human needs.

Indeed, the greatest factor that disrupts the global ecosystem is humanity; it is noteworthy that we risk our lives and are not aware of it.

Thanks to these conditions, we have come to the conclusion that human beings must act flexibly in the environment and deal with problems, we cannot change all the living organisms for our own benefit. Otherwise, we are definitely endangering our future.

Perhaps with the discovery of antibiotics, many living creatures have been killed, but later we found out that they also worked on other organisms for their own survival and with many mutations, many diseases already have been back. 

This is where we see how weak we are as human beings with all our ideas, and in many cases, we cannot do anything for ourselves.

So it is better today to think of the world as an ecosystem for the sake of survival, giving up our selfishness and stop endangering the entire global ecosystem for human benefit. 

To do so, we have to avoid polluting the air and natural resources, land-use changes, deforestation, construction on river beds. Let's just assume that nature has proven to all of us that every once in awhile it can take away its right and endanger us.


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