• Payam Mohebbi 2020-01-01 19:04

    By Payam Mohebbi, head of Tehran Pet Hospital

    Humans responsible for protecting world's biodiversity

    TEHRAN – Perhaps many of us do not know why we should think of a word called biodiversity and want to protect it.

  • گورخرهای پارک ملی توران شاهرود 2019-12-27 18:35

    By Faranak Bkhtiari

    Most unique biodiversity: a glimpse at Iran’s north-central national parks

    TEHRAN – North-central Semnan province is home to two extraordinary arrays of wildlife and natural landscapes, from Touran to Kavir National Parks, areas with the largest population of endangered Asiatic cheetah. Here, we take a glimpse at these wild, wonderful places.

  • Silent death: Zagros Mountains forest plagued by deforestation, degradation  2019-01-26 10:59

    Silent death: Zagros Mountains forest plagued by deforestation, degradation 

    TEHRAN — Deforestation and degradation are gravely threating the Zagros Mountains forest and the current trend can seriously harm the ecology of the region and its biodiversity in the near future. 

  • ‘Environmental education must be acquired at earlier ages’ 2019-01-23 09:59

    ‘Environmental education must be acquired at earlier ages’

    TEHRAN – Environmental education has been included in the country’s school curriculum to prepare students for natural resources and environment protection, while it needs to be more efficient and acquired at earlier ages to make favorable cognitive and behavioral changes in the students, Mehr news agency reported on Sunday.

  • Leopard in snare escaped certain death, released back to wild 2018-10-20 21:50

    Leopard in snare escaped certain death, released back to wild

    TEHRAN — A leopard caught in snare, in northern city of Galugah in Mazandaran province, was safely released and went back to wild with no lasting harms, Tasnim news agency reported.

  • A mine construction site in Rudbar, northern province of Gilan 2018-02-20 18:56

    Law adopted on selling national land area may endanger environment

    TEHRAN — The recently-approved law on selling national land area will seriously endanger the environment and jeopardize the integrity of the protected areas, according to the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization.

  • Isa Kalantari 2017-10-22 17:48

    We should keep environment safe for next generations: Kalantari

    ‘Iran lagging behind the world in protecting the environment’

    TEHRAN — In regard to factors determining environmental standards Iran is among countries that is lagging behind the world in safeguarding the environment, the chief of the Department of Environment said on Saturday.

  • Maryam Qarehgozlou 2017-09-05 20:24

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Is Iran’s environment chief seeing the bigger picture?

    TEHRAN — Isa Kalantari, the new director of the Department of Environment, is now in charge of one of the most criticized and challenged organizations in the country.

  • Zagros Mountain, Lorestan, Iran 2017-05-07 18:37

    Human intervention, climate change threaten Zagros mountain range

    TEHRAN — While Zagros Mountains provide a protective barrier against sand and dust storms, human intervention and climate change have posed a major threat to these ecologically valuable natural resources, the central Zagros biodiversity landscape conservation project director said.

  • fox 2017-03-06 13:39

    By Farnaz Heidari

    The importance of common fox in Iran

    The ecology of the common fox is of interest because of high adaptability. This species is found in all regions of Iran with the exception of the northern forests and the drier parts of the central deserts, where it is replaced by the sand fox. In Europe common fox (or red fox) is a reddish color but in Iran it is usually a buff grey-brown with a browner back. In North America, however, there are many distinct color varieties, with up to 20 percent of red foxes being black or silver.

  • Tehran Times interview with Ebtekar 2016-10-05 09:52

    Ebtekar visiting Germany to expand environmental ties 

    TEHRAN — The director of Iran’s Department of Environment (DOE) set off for Germany on Tuesday to hold talks on environmental issues, Shana news agency reported.