NIDC indigenizes technology for manufacturing ELC

January 6, 2020 - 14:5

TEHRAN - Researchers at the National Iranian Drilling Company (NIDC) successfully completed a project for designing and manufacturing Extended Life Coolant (ELC) which is a super air/oil cooler material used in industrial and transportation engines, Tasnim reported on Monday.

According to Asghar Sadeq-Abadi, the chief of commodity and machinery engineering at NIDC’s Engineering Management Department, ELC can be used in a variety of engines including Caterpillar, DEUTZ, OEM and etc.

“Due to its high heat transferring capacity, this material increases the efficiency of the engine,” Sadeq-Abadi said.

In the ELC super cooling formulation, new Nano anti-corrosion and anti-fouling inhibitors are used to increase the life of the motors, according to the official.

Following the re-imposition of U.S. sanctions and the problems caused by high volatility and rising exchange rates in the country’s currency market, Iran’s oil ministry was faced with some problems regarding the supply of necessary equipment in the oil industry, so it applied new strategies to focus more on domestic production.

In this regard, National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) and its subsidiaries have been signing deals with capable domestic companies for manufacturing all kinds of oil industry equipment, including down hole tools and equipment, pumps, types of drill bits, all kinds of control and safety valves, and accessory equipment, as well as various pipe types, explosion-proof electro motors, turbines, compressors, alloy steels, drilling measuring tools, and etc.

Last month, chairman of the board of directors of Iranian Association of Manufacturers of Oil Industry Equipment said nearly 85 percent of the country’s oil industry equipment are produced based on indigenized knowledge and technology.

The official noted that Iran has also a capacity to export over $5 billion worth of oil industry equipment and knowledge every year and the government should invest on such a great potential.

Earlier in August 2019, NIOC announced that many of the company’s contracts with domestic manufacturers of oil industry equipment had reached over 70 percent of physical progress.


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