BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

‘Adapting to new technologies a prerequisite for improving businesses’

January 6, 2020 - 14:25

TEHRAN – The secretary of Iran’s 3rd National Conference on Improvement and Rebuilding of Organizations and Businesses says improving the business environment in the country is impossible using the traditional ways, because in the era of the “fourth industrial revolution” we are witnessing tremendous developments in technology and businesses and organizations must adapt to these changes.

Speaking in the seminar's press conference on Sunday, Ahmad Jafarnejad, who is a professor at the Tehran University’s faculty of management, said currently, the businesses and organizations in the country are not in a very good condition due to a lack of proper management and policy-making based on scientific ideas.

“We need an integrated system to benefit from the knowledge provided by our scientific institutions and the world’s new technologies in order to improve the management style in our businesses and organizations,” Jafarnejad said.

Referring to the conference, the university professor said: This national conference is characterized by being scientific and utilizing the experience of business executives.

Also speaking in the press conference, a former deputy at the State Administrative and Recruitment Organization Ahmad Tabatabaie said the government needs to put more importance and significance on the private sector in order for the country’s businesses and organizations to go through a positive reconstruction process.

Mentioning the significant developments in the country’s defense and military organizations, Tabatabaie said if the government pays the same attention to other sectors like industry and trade, these sectors would have been improved as much.

Elsewhere in the event, Mousa Ahmadzadeh, the member of Iran-Canada Joint Chamber of Commerce, mentioned some of the challenges that the country’s businesses are facing with and said promoting knowledge-based production with an eye on exports, would be the best way for Iranian businesses move forward in the current economic situation (the U.S. sanctions).

Ahmadzadeh said the government should support domestic production, but our producers must offer high-quality products according to the global market demands and standards in order to be able to compete in the global arena.

Iran’s National Conference on Improvement and Rebuilding of Organizations and Businesses is the country’s biggest event focusing on improving the business environment and also rebuilding of the country’s organizations.

According to the organizers, so far, over 200 articles have been submitted to the conference board and more than 136 professors from almost all the country’s major universities are going to gather in this event.

Hosted by Tarbiat Modares University, the conference is due to be held on March 5 in Tehran.


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