‘Transportation fleet in urgent need of modernization’

February 3, 2020 - 15:1

TEHRAN – Iranian transport and urban development minister said on Monday that the modernization of the country’s transportation fleet should continue in the form of a smart movement and bureaucratic processes should be minimized in this regard.

Speaking at the ministry’s fifth transport and logistics council meeting, Mohammad Eslami said: “the transport ministry has fulfilled all its commitments regarding the completion of a comprehensive transport system.”

Chaired by the Minister of Transport and Urban Development, the meeting was held with the aim of discussing major issues in the ministry, including the condition of transport and fuel management headquarters, the progress of the country’s comprehensive transport system, maritime logistics and smart ports, as well as weather forecasts for future disaster management.

In the meeting, Eslami noted that as having smart systems and smart management are necessities in today’s society, specific development indicators must be extracted in this regard.

“The Transport, Housing, and Urban Development Research Center should also consider development drivers while moving away from traditional approaches in its futures research on transportation subjects,” he stressed.

Elsewhere in the gathering, Eslami approved the country’s maritime logistics and ports report.

Back in September 2019, the Iranian deputy transport minister said the National Development Fund (NDF) of Iran has allocated $1.6 billion for renovating the country’s transportation fleet.

“Upon President Rouhani's directive, National Development Fund will soon provide nearly $1.6 billion to renovate the transportation fleet,” Shahram Adamnejad said in a gathering of the country’s professional transport organizations.

In the past two decades, Iran’s transportation infrastructure has gone through a major transformation and every year the country is advancing more in this area.


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