By Mohammad Bahrampour

We should be the voice of child victims of terrorism and spread it around the world

February 24, 2020 - 11:49

TEHRAN - Ms. Manijeh Safiyari, is crippled in a terrorist attack, studied Health management in Tehran University, has national honors and medals in Darts and is representative of Children's International Movement for Children in Iran.

In February of 1985, a student went with her mom to the Bazar in Tehran. A strong explosion destroyed her childhood joy and ruined her first visit to Bazar. After losing one her foot, the crippled child by devils raised and started sports and gained honors in Darts and tracks & fields. She didn’t stop facing with effects of evildoers' on her soul and body and after decades went to international congress victims of terrorism in Nice to be representative for Children's movement for Children in Iran and be voice of the child victims of terrorism and spread their voice to the guests in 8th congress of victims of terrorism in Nice, France.

International affairs section of ADVTNGO had an interview with her in the place of congress. The full text of that interview can be read here.

Q: Introduce yourself and please tell us about your aim in presenting in this congress?

A: I am Manijeh Safiyari, and I have lost one of my feet in a terrorist incident, and have participated in this international congress with other Iranian victims of terrorism to spread voice of Iranian victims of terrorism to other nations and use others' experience. Wish these sessions be a step toward creating a global program to curb and uproot terrorism. Surely it is a hard task but accessible. We urge all friends of children, human rights, peace, and security to help us in reaching these ends in this global village.   

Q: What is 8th international congress of victims of terrorism?

A: International federation of victims of terrorism was initiated on 16 September 2011 at San Pablo University as an international center of victims of terrorism. It is initiative by Spanish Prince and it is as a hub for victims of terrorism in Europe and other countries. 17 associations are members of this federation and around 40 countries participate in its conferences. Its headquarters are in Spain. Up to now, we have 7 conferences and its 7th conference was in France, 2011.   

Q: What were the effects of terrorism on your life?

A: I was a student when terrorism entered in my life by a huge explosion in Bazar of Tehran and took one of my foot, injured my beloved mom. It was the first time I went to Bazar with my mom and many wishes but an explosion in Naser Khosro Street changed everything. I and my mother had been left unconscious and in blood and smoke. When I woke up I was weak but started searching for my mom. I found her sunk in blood. I couldn’t stand and have no idea about what has been happened. My right foot was cut up to the knee and my left foot was full of particles. Now and after three decades from that event it is so painful for me to remember. But what should I do? Our narrative can reduce the pains of other victims and stop further terrorist events.     

But nothing can describe the depth of terrorist injuries on society. 

Terrorism is not about an event or a person but a narration about a destructive story in an era that has effects on a world and cannot be forgotten. 

It is useful to mention the story of my two friends, Abouzar and Zahra Saeidi. They are deaf since birth and in 1985, Monafeqin [MKO terrorists] martyred their father in an ambush. Their deafness has been a very big problem for expressing their pains in loss of their father. They were 5 and 6 years when saw bloody body of their father near his dentistry and their grief hindered them from normal life. Nothing can be a genuine narrative of their pain.  

Q: How you have defeated your problems?

A: That accident in my childhood and near my mom increased my problems

Injuries on children's souls are without a cure. Children are more sensitive and vulnerable than adults. Effects of crimes are with them in their whole life and may be transferred to the next generations. 

I could synchronize myself by exercising and alleviate my problems. For example, I do exercise for crippled persons. Problems are always present and society should be active to solve them, especially problems in child victims and their families.  

Q: What do you do in France?

A: Terrorism has created massive and permanent challenges in our region and its evil effects have crippled the life of millions. Some of them are present until their lives end. On the other hand, the only way for victims in this situation of non-punishment toward plotters behind the scenes of terrorism is being active to be heard. my idea of being heard is that world society is convinced about human social problems by being terrorism as a tool.  

We want from an international organization, to act, around the axis of the UN, in confrontation with plotters behind the scenes of this evil phenomenon. This congress is the best opportunity for hearing of the voices of victims of terrorism. This sort of conferences can be useful for sympathy, sharing and solving the problems of victims. I recited a sentence of final statement for this congress that we want from international organizations to create a special committee comprised of victims of terrorism that give them a voice to be heard and so they can offer their proposals in fight against terrorism. I emphasize on this idea of being heard.  

Hearing the voices of victims of terrorism can prevent repeating catastrophes and can alleviate the bitterness of injuries inflicted on victims of terrorism.

Q: Please tell us about the Children's Movement for Children? 

A: Children's Movement for Children is a proposal by Lucy Smith, a former member of UN's The Committee on the Rights of the Child, and initiated in 2014, as a children association. 

The project of a lawsuit for child victims of terror is an initiative by this movement for defending rights of children that offered in 2017 and tries to support inflicted children by terrorism and with the power of themselves.  

Q: Any comment at the end …

A: Grieves of children from extremism and violence transfer inter-generations and have inflicted humanity by a permanent pain.  

What increases this pain is using of terrorism as a tool by main plotters and causes of these evils and crimes against children and being unaccountable.

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