Ayatollah Khamenei commands armed forces to establish medical base to control coronavirus

March 13, 2020 - 11:13

TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has commanded Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces Major General Mohammad Bagheri to establish a medical base to fight the coronavirus as there is an increased likelihood that the virus be a “biological attack”.

Ayatollah Khamenei issued the decree on Thursday to General Bagheri. The Leader praised the armed forces’ services to the people in the campaign against the coronavirus and emphasized the need to organize these services in the form of a “health and treatment base” for preventing the spread of the disease.

Following is full text of the decree published by the Khamenei.ir:

In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Major General Bagheri,

With appreciation for the services that the Armed Forces have provided to the dear people so far in the fight against Coronavirus, and with emphasis on the need to continue and expand these services, it is necessary to organize these services into a Health and Treatment Base In addition to treating the sick and establishing medical centers such as field hospitals, places of quarantine, etc., the spread of the disease should also be prevented using the necessary methods. The division of duties and missions of the organizations and departments of the Armed Forces is one of the tasks of this Base. This Base must work in full coordination with the government and the Ministry of Health.

This measure may also be regarded as a biological defense exercise and add to our national sovereignty and power given the evidence that suggests the likelihood of this being a “biological attack.”

It is hoped that with divine guidance and the special support of Imam Mahdi (‘a.j.), the Iranian nation will always be victorious, safe and sound.

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