Books by land artist Ahmad Nadalian ready for publication

March 17, 2020 - 18:55

TEHRAN – Land artist Ahmad Nadalian has written several books which are ready for publication.

“Legend of Bibi Surat” is one of the books, which is about two sisters living on the Persian Gulf island Hormoz.

“Old legends say that two sisters were living on the island both of them fall in love with the same fisherman; one of them wins his heart and the other starts painting on the walls of their house in the great demise of her love,” Nadalian told the Persian service of Honaronline on Monday. 

Local residents believe the house still exists, he said and added, “However, the story is sort of a legend with only a few written words about them and I decided to work on it and add several local and cultural narrations to make a story out of the legend.”

The other book is about Jiri Polak, a Czech documentary filmmaker and painter. 

Pollock traveled to Iran through Switzerland and stayed on Hormoz during the years 1971-1978. 

While living on the island, the director became an architect and a painter, and built several buildings that are still standing to this day, protected as historical landmarks. 

Nadalian is famous for his land art creations in Iran and around the world. He has been living in nature for many years and searches for raw materials for his artistic creations and later displays them in natural settings.

Photo: Land artist Ahmad Nadalian in an undated photo.


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