Russia strongly opposes US sanctions against Iran amid coronavirus: official

March 21, 2020 - 14:35

TEHRAN– The Aide to the Russian President Yuri Ushakov in a phone conversation with Iran's Ambassador to Russia Kazem Jalali emphasized Moscow's strong opposition to US sanctions against Iran, especially amid coronavirus outbreak.

The two sides discussed medical terrorism against Iran, the latest spread of the coronavirus worldwide, and the measures taken by Iran to combat the virus in the country.

In this conversation, the Iranian ambassador talked about medical terrorism and the extensive US sanctions against the Iranian nation, in particular preventing many countries from sending medical aid to Iran to combat coronavirus.

Jalali also appreciated Russia's humanitarian aid to Iran and sending test kits as well as Russian political support to Iran.

Ushakov, for his part, emphasized Russia's strong opposition to US sanctions on Iran, especially when Iran is fighting against coronavirus outbreak.

The two sides discussed launching a Russia-China-based campaign to lift sanctions on Iran.

While the countries are trying to boost cooperation in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic, the US still continues its unilateral sanctions against Iran which have affected the country’s power to contain the outbreak.

The new sanctions come as China and Russia, in particular, have urged the US to remove its sanctions on Tehran since the restrictions could interfere with Iran’s efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak in the country.

As of Saturday, the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak in Iran has risen to 1,433 with 19,644 confirmed cases.

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