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ArvandKala, online shop for foods and health products with accurate expire date

April 6, 2020 - 0:36

Certainly, you have e-shopped so far and for fast-consuming products like foods and health products you are not sure that expire date is accurate or not. On the other hand, you thought that when you deliver the products, expire date is fast approaching or you may have some concern about the quality and authenticity of the products you are going to buy.

On online shop of ArvandKala, we present a solution for this and you can see expire date of product and then you can decide whether to buy it or not.

In ArvandKala, we take exclusive photos from all products and their instructions and the full details of the product is added to the page of the product and in this way, customers can fully explore the product and then make their buying decisions.

Free shipping for first purchase

Since November 2019, we ship the first purchase of customers for free in order to gain their trusts and satisfaction. The full details of this plan are on ArvandKala website.

Previously, we ship all purchases more than 100,000 Tomans for free and we continue it. This means that if you purchase more than 100,000 Tomans, no shipping cost will be added to your products' price.

ArvandKala, a wonderful diversity of food and health-related products

On ArvandKala, there is a wonderful diversity of food and health-related products. For instance,  some of health products included shampoo, body shampoo, masks,hair oils, mouth health-related products, anti-bacterial and disinfectant products. All products have warranties and seven-day quality assurance.

ArvandKala Application

For using this application, you have to go to the page of installation of this application. After entering this page, you can download it directly onto your mobile phone or you can install it via Café Bazar or Myket.

Users who have iOS platform can download ArvandKala via iapss or Anardoni.

It should be mentioned that in ArvandKala, all purchases more than 100,000 Tomans are shipped for free.

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