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  • ArvandKala 2020-04-06 00:36

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    ArvandKala, online shop for foods and health products with accurate expire date

    Certainly, you have e-shopped so far and for fast-consuming products like foods and health products you are not sure that expire date is accurate or not. On the other hand, you thought that when you deliver the products, expire date is fast approaching or you may have some concern about the quality and authenticity of the products you are going to buy.

  • “Online Shopping” 2020-02-15 18:23

    Six Iranian shorts to go on screen in Toronto 

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Cinematheque of Didar in the Canadian city of Toronto will be screening a lineup of six shorts by Iranian filmmakers in a program named “Screening of Tirgan” on February 21, the organizers have announced.