Iran ready to offer COVID-19 diagnostic system free of charge

April 19, 2020 - 19:47

TEHRAN – The Iranian research institute for information and communication technology has announced it is ready to provide the homegrown system for diagnosing the novel coronavirus with more than 97 percent accuracy for free to medical and research centers around the world.

The diagnostic system has been designed by a team of researchers at Sharif University of Technology using artificial intelligence algorithms via CT scans of the chest, ISNA reported on Sunday.

There are currently many ways in the world to diagnose coronavirus, but what has been proven, and confirmed by the American College of Radiology, chest scan is the best way to diagnose the virus, Hamid Reza Rabiee, director of the institute at Sharif University, said.

China has so far used artificial intelligence to diagnose the disease, and a company from Stafford University in the United States has been involved in such process, he said, adding, by focusing on the use of artificial intelligence in CT scans, we have also innovatively designed a system for rapid and accurate detection of COVID-19.

He noted that the accuracy of the systems used in China and the United States is over 90 percent, noting, the system is the result of the young scientists’ efforts, with innovative pre-processing on quality scanned images, we have created a system with higher accuracy and sensitivity. 

This system has been able to achieve good results with stability and sensitivity of over 97 percent in a stable manner and in less than a minute, while it is also able to calculate the volume of infectious areas, he explained.

Our research team is ready to provide this system for free to medical and research centers around the world, he highlighted.

The system has so far started operation in 4 provinces of the country, he concluded.


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