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Why Certified Ethical Hacking v10 Training is A Great Career Choice

April 30, 2020 - 11:3

Originally the word 'hacker' described a professional programmer who was experienced in computer operating systems and machine codes.

Today, a hacker is an individual who is actively engaged in hacking operations and has embraced it as their lifestyle and philosophy. Hacking is the practice of changing a system's functionality to accomplish an objective beyond the original intent of the developer.

The word 'hacking' has some very negative connotations. However, an ethical hacker has undertaken a Certified Ethical Hacking course that equips them with knowledge and skills to thwart the malicious intentions of hackers.. Ethical hackers are the hacking world's good guys. So what does an ethical hacker's position imply? Rather than using their specialized computer skills for malicious purposes, ethical hackers find vulnerabilities in data information protection for companies and organizations worldwide to protect them from hackers with less honorable motives.

If you are a specialist who appreciates the pleasures of the computing world and loves a challenge, then maybe an ethical hacking career may be an attractive option. You get the chance to use your skills to hack into computing systems, and you are paid decent money to do so. It's not simple to get started in the profession like many career paths, but eventually, if you take the time and effort, you should be in a position to shape yourself a very lucrative career. Responsible hackers are still on the right side of the rule!

Benefits of the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification

After you've embarked on a job as an ethical hacker, you'll put all of your technology and security skills into trying to break the company or organization's network security that hired you. The business will need a thorough review of your findings and recommendations for enhancing the protection of its network. This job prevents those with unlawful and criminal motivations from the hacking operations. The online teaching of Certified Ethical Hacker is ideally designed to help safety officers, auditors, technology experts, website administrators, and everyone worried about the safety of the internet infrastructure.

Popular technological news website Beta News last year addressed how ethical hacking positions have become one of the best in cybersecurity. The article recognizes a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) as one of the most common security testing certifications available on the market.

The CEH was the very first credential to introduce to a mass audience of IT professionals hacking strategies, providing the information required to better deter and react to cybercriminal strategies.CEH is the industry-leading certification for those wishing to step into a new and developing field; online CEH V10 students may expect to obtain a credible certification widely recognized in the industry. Due to this certification success, thousands of practitioners around the world are striving to obtain it. If you also find the CEH, you will want to know the benefits before spending your time and money.

Here are the advantages of CEH certification:

- It improves your understanding of risks and vulnerabilities

- Helps you know how to think like a hacker

- It is not beneficial for penetration testers only

- CEH can boost your salary

- Enables you to advance your security career

- Understand how to use specific hacking tools

We'll clarify each of the above benefits in this article. Read on for a thorough look into why you should get the certification.

It improves your understanding of risks and vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals are pioneers who will continually find new ways to target who exploit flaws in IT infrastructure. Lack of understanding the threats and weaknesses associated with your computer systems, it would be hard for you to keep them secure.

Through training for the CEH test, you'll discover how hackers analyze your network to decide whether you're a candidate for an attack. In the CEH, the introduction tutorials will educate you with this method so that you can apply the information to your business.

Module 1- Ethical Hacking Introduction

Module 2- Reconnaissance and Footprinting

Module 3- Networks Scanning

Module 4- Enumeration

These are extensive domains, and they form a solid base for discovering how vulnerabilities impact organizations daily.

Helps you know how to think like a hacker

To achieve the CEH, credential gives IT professionals' insight into a cybercriminal's mindset. Although battling cybercriminals will always include responding to threats and incidents as they arise, knowing how these criminals execute their attacks and formulating tactics is far more important.

Through learning to think like a criminal hacker, you will be capable of taking a responsible approach to finding places that may be susceptible to cybercriminals, thinking beyond the existing security plans and policies.

 It is not beneficial for penetration testers only

The CEH qualification is not just for penetration tests. It flexible credential is also suitable for professionals working in the IT protection and network.

If you are a networking specialist, with the CEH, you have the perfect framework for developing your understanding of cybersecurity. Hence the real-world information taught through the CEH would be ideal for protecting your network from cybercriminals for both you and your team.

CEH can boost your salary 

Achieving a credential that is respected by the industry is a simple benchmark for your expertise and can be critical when moving into lucrative new positions.

The average annual salary for CEH-certified professionals is £ 55,000 as per the ITJobsWatch reports. This raises the Penetration Tester and Senior Penetration Tester positions to £ 67,500 and £ 87,000, respectively.

Enables you to advance your security career

If you have already gained a solid background in IT and learned how networks operate within organizations, the CEH will give you a way to extend your IT security knowledge. If you're already in this position and wish to move into a lucrative role within cybersecurity, consider having the CEH along with Security+ certification by CompTIA. The CEH will develop your experience of the methods and tactics used by hackers, while the Security+ will also provide you with the base of information about IT protection.

Understand how to use specific hacking tools

 Even though you may have actively searched for some hacking tools to develop your experience, it is doubtful that you have been taught the in-depth information required to use and learn about these tools.

However, you can learn how to use the devices by yourself through the CEH-official ethical hacking courses that can usually provide access to 140 real-world laboratories and more than 2,200 hacking instruments.

Getting your CEH Certification fast

Train for an intensive ethical hacking program with Firebrand, and you will get certified after just five days. You will be studying with the best. Since the year 2008 to date, Firebrand has been named a Certified Working Centre.

In conclusion, the purpose of this course is to assist you in learning ethical hacking approaches that can be used in an ethical hacking or penetration testing situation. There is no doubt that attaining the Accredited Ethical Hacker certification would expand your job opportunities and increase your chances of future promotions. The online CEH V10 program is recognized internationally and equips candidates with the industry's required knowledge and training. After learning, you walk outdoor with highly-demanded ethical hacking skills and globally acknowledged Certified Ethical Hacker certificate. Everyone with a Certification in Ethical Hacking credential should expect advancement in career positions such as an IT manager, security engineer, information management officer, security analyst, or senior security analyst. 

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