Monthly non-oil exports from Hormozgan up 56% yr/yr

May 2, 2020 - 13:34

TEHRAN – Non-oil exports from Hormozgan Province (in south of Iran) in the first Iranian calendar month of Farvardin (March 20-April 19) increased by 56 percent, Abolfazl Akbarpour, an official with Hormozgan Customs Department said.

According to Akbarpour, two million tons of commodities valued at 100 trillion rials (about $2.38 billion) were exported from the Hormozgan customs in the said month, of which 1.5 million tons worth $1.7 billion were non-oil commodities.

The value of non-oil exports from the province’s customs stood at $1.1 billion in the previous calendar year’s same month.

During this period, more than 500,000 tons of various goods valued at about $600,000 were also imported into the country through the province's customs.

The imports increased by 21 percent in terms of weight during this period, he added.

Over $16 billion worth of non-oil commodities were cleared from Hormozgan customs during the past Iranian calendar year, of which more than $14 billion were intermediate and capital goods, the official stated.

Over 80 percent of the commodities imported into the country in the previous calendar year (ended on March 19) were intermediate and capital goods, he explained.

Based on the Hormozgan Province's custom data, only one billion dollars of consumer goods were cleared from the province's customs last year, and the share of these items in the total imports was only six percent.


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