No new coronavirus-like disease has emerged: expert

May 11, 2020 - 17:29

TEHRAN – An Iranian specialist in infectious diseases and a member of the National Committee for Influenza has rejected rumors that a new disease similar to the coronavirus has emerged in parts of the world that mostly inflicts children.

Over the past few weeks, doctors around the world have noticed a number of children are sick with a mysterious illness that appears to be linked to the coronavirus. In some cases, the symptoms seem similar to Kawasaki disease, a rare childhood illness that causes inflammation of the blood vessels.

Masoud Mardani, professor at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Science, said that Covid-19 can affect everyone with any age and race. After months of the coronavirus outbreak, new symptoms of the disease have emerged and this is not a new disease, ISNA quoted Mardani as saying.

So far, the number of cases has been small, but it’s concerning, given that many of the children hospitalized for the disease also tested positive for the coronavirus.

The World Health Organization has not verified a link between Kawasaki disease and the coronavirus. In total, nearly 100 cases have been confirmed across six countries since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 


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