Iran, Russia to enhance cooperation in fight against coronavirus

May 13, 2020 - 18:7

TEHRAN – Iranian Health Minister Saeed Namaki and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Albertovich Murashko discussed ways to enhance cooperation in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

It is necessary to expand cooperation and exchange experiences between Iran and Russia in the fight against the coronavirus and also with more efforts of countries in the region by observing health protocols and trade exchanges, Namaki said during a video conference meeting held on Tuesday.

Pointing to the need for cooperation between the two countries amid COVID-19 prevalence, he said that with the support of the World Health Organization, Iran took measures in the framework of the National Basij, social distancing and then the gradual reopening of businesses within the framework of the smart distancing plan, which led to a drop in the burden of disease and mortality in the country.

He noted that the cooperation between the Iranian and Russian Ministries of Health have improved in recent years and that efforts have been made to expand bilateral relations and cooperation, especially in the fields of research and medicine, as well as the transfer of experience.

Murashko, for his part, described Russia's health care measures, especially border control, equipping hospitals, developing and communicating health and medical protocols to the public, staff, centers, and institutions, as well as medical measures. 
He acknowledged that the lock-downs and restrictions have caused serious economic consequences.

Referring to quality strategic relations between Iran and Russia, he emphasized that the development of relations and mutual cooperation in various fields of health and research, especially medicine and vaccines.

Russia, with over 242,000 COVID-19 cases, and Iran, with more than 112,000 confirmed cases, are both among the top 10 countries most affected by the pandemic.


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