Iran dismisses claims of successful cyberattack on port facility

May 20, 2020 - 9:36

TEHRAN – An official has dismissed claims of a successful cyberattack on the Shahid Rajaee port facility.

“In the past week, there had been some disruption in computer systems of the port which could be because of a cyberattack,” Tasnim news agency quoted the official at the port facility as saying.

Related officials at the Shahid Rajaee port facility has said that given the readiness of the civil defense units and timely and effective confrontation against the cyberattack, there has been no disruption in operations of the port facilities, Tasnim reported.

The Washington Post claimed in a report published on Monday that shipping traffic at Iran’s bustling Shahid Rajaee port terminal came to an abrupt and inexplicable halt due to a substantial cyberattack that the U.S. and foreign government officials say appears to have originated from Israel.


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