Iran-Amirkabir drilling platform goes operational after 4 years

May 26, 2020 - 15:52

TEHRAN – Iran’s Khazar Exploration and Production Company (KEPCO) has successfully put Iran-Amirkabir drilling platform into operation after four years, despite the U.S. sanctions.

According to KEPCO office of public relations, the commissioning of the platform’s monitoring (Drill View) and lift systems along with the necessary tests for the drilling equipment were all carried out by KEPCO engineers and specialists without any help from foreign companies.

The semi-submersible Iran-Amirkabir oil rig has been designed to perform oil and gas exploration drilling operations in the Caspian Sea and its engineering operations and equipment maintenance have been conducted by Iran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA).

The rig weighs 14,700 tons and is the heaviest marine structure in the country. It is capable of generating over 11 megawatt electricity and has room for 120 workers on its deck.

The rig is capable of drilling in waters with a depth of 1000 meters and also drilling from the sea bottom up to a depth of 6600 meters. It has been stabilized with the help of eight anchors, each weighing 20 tons, and a chain.

Iran-Amirabad is Iran’s first drilling platform in the Caspian Sea and can be considered the country’s first step for conducting drilling operations in the deep waters.

Currently Iran-Amirkabir drilling platform is 137 air miles (250 km) off the Caspian Sea coastal line.


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