Rouhani declares law on countering Israel’s hostile actions

May 26, 2020 - 23:7

TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani on Tuesday officially declared a law for countering the hostile actions of the Zionist regime against peace and security.

According to the law, all the executive bodies of the country are duty bound to counter Israel’s hostile actions against the country, Palestine and the Islamic countries within the framework of the system’s general policies.

Iran’s parliament approved the law on May 18.

The Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign policy Committee on May 16 formulated the pros and cons of the plan to counter Israel’s hostile moves against peace and security.

Speaking after the parliamentary committee meeting, MP Hossein Naqavi Hossein said according to the plan all state bodies are obliged to use all regional and international capacities to counter the “hostile moves of the Zionist regime”.

Naqavi Hosseini, who acts as the parliamentary committee spokesman, enumerated Israel’s hostile acts such as starting wars, doing terrorist acts, blockading people, building settlements, displacing Palestinians, occupying other countries’ lands, such the Golan Heights.

Following is main ratifications of the parliamentary committee:

The Majlis (Parliament) supports Palestinians with Quds as their capital.

The government is obliged to fully back the “oppressed Palestinian people”.

Using any hard or soft product from a company which has a branch in Israel is banned in the country.

Any cooperation or espionage in favor of the Zionist regime is considered as an example of Moharabeh (enmity against God) and corrupt on the earth.

Any kind of cooperation, interaction and political agreement with institutions or official and unofficial persons aligned to Israel is forbidden.

From next month the entry of all Zionist regime’s nationals - including real and legal entities - to Iran is banned.

Accordingly, the visit of Iranian nationals to the occupied Palestinian territories is forbidden. 

The national general prosecutor, through cooperation with the Foreign Ministry and legal department of the president, is tasked to take action in defense of the Palestinian by filing complaints, trying and punishing the criminals of the Zionist regime by tapping the capacities of local and foreign bodies.

From next month the Foreign Ministry is tasked to follow the national referendum in Palestine which have been registered at the United Nations.

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance is also tasked to help produce films to reveal the anti-human crimes of the Zionist regime.


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