Iran: U.S. violates resolution 2231 by ending nuclear sanction waivers

May 30, 2020 - 19:8

TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Saturday that Washington’s action in ending sanction waivers for nuclear cooperation with Iran by countries remaining in the 2015 nuclear deal – JCPOA - is a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

“This action ignores the Islamic Republic of Iran’s rights and disrupts the international public order,” IRNA quoted him as saying on Saturday.

Mousavi noted that Iran will closely observe technical and political consequences of this action.

“If this action leads to negative effects on Iran’s nuclear rights based on international documents and the JCPOA, we will take necessary legal actions,” he asserted.

Donald Trump quit the agreement, negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama, in May 2018.

But the Trump administration until now had issued waivers to allow companies, primarily from Russia, to keep carrying out the work of the agreement without risking legal ramifications.

However, Washington announced on Wednesday that it was ending the waivers.

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell condemned on Thursday the United States’ move.

“Let me reiterate the enduring importance of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – the so-called JCPOA - with Iran. As you know, I am the Coordinator of the Joint Commission and I am determined to do everything to ensure full and effective implementation and, in particular, Iran’s return to full compliance,” Borrell said at a United Nations Security Council meeting on Europe-UN relations.

“I have to regret yesterday’s decision by the United States not to prolong the waivers for the JCPOA-related nuclear projects,” he noted.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) has said the decision by the Trump administration is primarily aimed to diverting public attention.

AEOI spokesman said the U.S. is trying to put pressure on Iran through such measure but “in reality, nothing happens” and the repercussions of such a decision is nothing more than a “media commotion”.

“While Iran is powerfully advancing its goals, especially in regard to sale of oil derivatives to Venezuela……and, more importantly, its notable progresses in nuclear industry, the publication of news about cancelation of nuclear waivers is a desperate attempt for deflecting public opinion at home and abroad from repeated U.S. defeats in face of Iran,” Kamalvandi stated.


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