Tehran’s historical towers turn off lights in honor of Imam Khomeini

June 5, 2020 - 20:17

TEHRAN – Tehran’s historical towers turned off lights on June 2 and remained dark to commemorate the death anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the late founder of the Islamic Revolution.

[Exterior] lighting for Tehran province’s historical towers of Tughrul and Shebeli will not be carried out on the eve of the 14th day of Khordad (the third month in the Iranian calendar) which marked the 31st death anniversary of Imam Khomeini, CHTN quoted provincial tourism chief Parham Janfeshan as saying on Tuesday.

Standing tall in the city of Rey, the 12th-century Tughrul Tower is the tomb of Seljuk ruler Tughrul Beg, who died in Rey in 1063. Shebeli Tower, which dominates the Damavand’s countryside skyline, is a roofed octagon tomb of Sheikh Shebeli, a Sufi mystic of the Islamic Golden Age.


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