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Suitable Dates for the Market of India

June 6, 2020 - 14:2

India and Iran have extensive commercial relationships, and many products are exchanged between these countries per year.

India does not possess the date cultivation possibility due to its specific climatic conditions.

On the other hand, the high-quality dates that are produced in Iran have been able to attract the Indians' attention to themselves. Likewise, with a several-year experience of consumption in the market of India, it has changed into one of its most popular products.

Among the produced Iranian dates, the Kimia date has many more advocates.

Any other way, concerning its special taste and moist nature, this date is used abundantly in other countries.

The greatest purchaser of this date in India. The Indians annually imports this date in large tonnages to their country through the airway, seaway, and land transportations.

Why Is This Date Called Kimia?

The main name of this date is Mazafati; however, it is known as Kimia in the world’s markets.

Of course, this date has also other names, and it is recognized as the black, Bam, and Bami date besides the Kimia date.

The date’s extraordinary benefits, deliciousness, use in different dishes, etc., has made it to have a lot of popularity. 

The main cultivation area of this date is in Kerman province and Bam city.

Several quality kinds of this date exist in bam, and you should purchase its best kind for your supply.

Which Companies Supply the Kimia Date?

Owing to its proper sale outside the country, this date has always many purchase demands.

On the other hand, diverse companies undertake the supplier of the Kimia date. They should certainly observe specific standards to guarantee the health of this product.

Reliable companies are often experienced in the exportation of this date. For this reason, they can easily supply the required tonnage of the customers for exportation.

On the other hand, by possessing standard and valid refrigerating rooms, they can preserve the date in the best possible conditions.

 What is the Importance of Date Preservation in Its Freshness?

A date is a fruit that grows in warm and arid climatic conditions. However, it will be spoiled if it is preserved in the same condition.

Each date requires a suitable preservation temperature concerning its kind and constituting structure.

For example, Kimia should be kept at a temperature ranging from -5 to +5°C.

Similarly, its preservation ambient should be completely dry, and it will be spoiled in case of any moisture.

Any other way, the date should be out of the reach of insects. It is because different insects are attracted to this edible owing to its sweetness and spoil the dates.

 Does the Packing of Exportation Dates Have Certain Standards?

These packages have certain standards and are designed according to people's tastes. On the other hand, they should preserve dates in the best possible way.

The packaging theme of the Kimia date is usually white-colored, and many countries use this color for the sale of this date.

Does the Price of This Date Differ in the Date Market of the World?

One of the crucial points at the purchase time of the Kimia date is paying attention to its price. If you want to purchase the date with the best price, you should surely supply it from reliable companies. It is because the main suppliers of this date sell it at an appropriate price. However, unreliable intermediates lead to an increase in the price of the date.

Introducing a Successful Company in the Sale of the Kimia Date

The Kimia Gold Company is one of the most popular companies with its years of experience in selling and exporting the Kimia date.

This company possesses allocated and equipped refrigerating rooms that can preserve dates in large tonnages.

One of the main characteristics of this company is that it uses allocated packages and enjoys all requisite certifications for exportation to India as well as other international standards.

The main refrigerating room is located in Bam. Dates are purchased from farmers in the harvest season and kept in the refrigerating rooms in the best conditions and at the most standard temperature.

Numerous purchasers all over the world annually travel to Bam, visit the refrigerating rooms of the Kimia Company, and order their required dates.

One of the characteristics of this company is that it has offices in France and Emirates. Furthermore, it is possible to transact with dollar and dirham currencies, which make the purchasing conditions more convenient for customers. 

On the other hand, this company can also deliver date freight to customers in other countries.

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