Iran reiterates call on Europe to stand against U.S. unilateralism amid pandemic

June 9, 2020 - 11:10

TEHRAN – Iran has once again censured the unilateral American sanctions that have hampered humanitarian supplies into the country, renewing a call for the European Union to take a stand against such illegal U.S. moves.

Parliament speaker’s special aide for international affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian met with French Ambassador to Tehran Philippe Thiebaud on Tuesday. During the meeting, he reiterated Iran’s call on the European sides to stand against the U.S. unilateralism which is “clear violation of human rights”.

He criticized the European countries’ approach towards the unilateral actions of the United States, saying that “European countries must stand up to the arbitrary and unilateral decisions of the United States, while showing their independence, and prevent the worst violation of human rights violations, peace, and security in the world.”

In May 2018, U.S. President Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear deal and re-imposed illegal sanctions on Iran. Bowing to U.S. pressure, the EU3 — the three European signatories to the nuclear deal — has failed to protect Tehran’s business interests under the JCPOA against the American bans.

Noting that the U.S.’s illegal sanctions have challenged the Islamic Republic’s battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic, Amir Abdollahian said, “All countries should be treated similarly in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, especially when it comes to free access to medicine and medical equipment.”

The official also pointed to the long history of Tehran-Paris relations, saying that the Islamic Republic expects France not to allow a third country to undermine such cooperation.

“The development of relations between the two countries, especially in the parliamentary arena, has an effective role in increasing the level of interaction between us,” he noted.

Amir Abdollahian also expressed his condolences to the people of France and the families of the victims of the coronavirus, adding that the two countries' health departments could work together to control the deadly pandemic.

Thiebaud, for his part, referred to Iran’s significant role in helping ensure stability and security in the region, saying that “France welcomes the development of friendly relations with Iran in various fields, especially parliamentary relations.”

He also expressed his country’s readiness for consultation and cooperation Iran in line with solving the regional issues, including the fight against terrorism, stressing that boosting parliamentary ties could greatly contribute to this cause.

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