Rouhani urges EU to fulfil its duty in countering U.S. actions against Iran

April 22, 2020 - 19:36

TEHRAN – In a phone conversation with Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Tuesday afternoon, President Hassan Rouhani said that the European Union must fulfil its duty in countering U.S. actions against Iran as the country is struggling to contain the outbreak of the coronavirus.

“In such a situation, relations between countries should be based on human principles, and hostile policies must be countered with, but unfortunately we are seeing that in these very difficult conditions, the United States continues to impose sanctions against Iran and even applies them on medicine,” Rouhani regretted.

Referring to Iran’s efforts to get loan from the International Monetary Fund for fighting coronavirus, Rouhani said, “The United States also opposes the payment of the loan, and the European Union and Spain are expected to take a stand against this illegal act.”

For his part, Sanchez said, “We believe that U.S. sanctions have had a profound effect on the Iranian economy and the health of the people, especially in this difficult time when you are facing the coronavirus, and Spain and the European Union do not agree with these sanctions.”

Iran in West Asia along with Spain and Italy in Europe are hardest hit by the deadly coronavirus.

In a similar phone talks Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte late on Monday, Rouhani also urged the EU to counter the United States’ “inhuman” actions.

“We expect the European countries, especially Italy, to take necessary measures against violation of law [by the U.S.],” Rouhani said.

Rouhani described the U.S. pressure on other countries in a situation when they are fighting the coronavirus pandemic, as “inhuman”.

“Continuation of it [pressure and sanctions] is a brutal crime against a great nation and is contrary to human principles and international law,” he added.

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