Iran biennial of ceramic art to resume after 9-year hiatus

June 30, 2020 - 18:31

TEHRAN – The 11th National Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Ceramic Art will resume after a nine-year hiatus at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center in October.

The organizers, including Visual Arts Office director Hadi Mozaffari and the director of the event, Hirbod Hemmat-Azad, attended a press conference on Monday to brief the media about the biennial.

Mozaffari said that the country needs more hope and excitement during the pandemic and home quarantine, and added, “That is why we support artworks created by the artists. Anyway, we know that we will be having a hard year ahead, but it will be accompanied by a schedule full of events.”

Manijeh Armin, a member of the policymaking council of the biennial, said, “The central theme of the biennial is self-analysis. For artists, the term ‘self’ possesses multidimensional concepts, and invites them to return to their inner self.”

“What is important in this biennial is that each artist makes use of the contemporary experience to create an artwork from the inner self,” she said.

Another member of the council, Farzad Faraji, pointed to the last edition of the biennial held in 2011 and said, “We know that we will be confronting new outlooks this year after a nine-year hiatus, and we have tried to prepare the necessary grounds for all different outlooks, and we know that self-analysis will help artists show their real selves and real talents.”

All the ceramists are asked to attend the event, which will open on October 30 at the center and will be running for one month. 

Photo: Art aficionados visit the 10th National Biennial of Contemporary Iranian Ceramic Art at the Niavaran Cultural Center in Tehran in 2011. 


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