Niavaran Cultural Center to host Iran-Austria Music Event 

July 6, 2020 - 18:31

TEHRAN – Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center next week will be playing host to a music festival named the “Iran-Austria Music Event”. 

Musicians from Iran and Austria will be joining together at the center on July 15 to give performances during the event, Alireza Nazemorroaya, the deputy director of the Iran-Austria Joint Chamber of Commerce, which is the main organizer of the festival, said on Sunday.

He made the remarks during a ceremony the center organized to unveil a poster for the event.  

The ceremony was also attended by Niavaran center director Ebadreza Eslami, Deputy Culture Minister for Artistic Affairs Seyyed Mojtaba Hosseini and a number of Austrian organizers of the festival.

“Iran and Austria have had close cultural relations since the Safavid period, and I am really happy that the cultural relationship between the two countries is going on effectively,” Eslami said.

For his part, Hosseini said, “The language of art doesn’t need to be translated as it forms in artists’ solitude.”

“Iran is only one percent of the Earth, however, it holds ten percent of its art and cultural heritage, and this gives us a responsibility to share our cultural assets with the world,” he added.

“During her visit to Iran, Teresa Indjein, the head of cultural policy at the Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, discussed a plan that is expected to lead to organizing some good joint art and cultural programs in both countries,” Hosseini noted.      

He noted, “The Iran-Austria Music Event will be an auspicious beginning to a long-range collaboration in other fields of art between the two countries.   

Photo: Organizers attend a ceremony at Tehran’s Niavaran Cultural Center on July 5, 2020 to unveil a poster for the Iran-Austria Music Event.


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