Syrian Kurdish writer Helim Yusiv’s “99 Scattered Beads” published in Persian 

July 7, 2020 - 18:35

TEHRAN – A Persian translation of Syrian Kurdish author Helim Yusiv’s novel “99 Scattered Beads” (“99 Moriken Belavbuyi”) has been published by Afraz Publications in Tehran. 

The book has been translated into Persian by Saymeh Khakpur. 

The novel is the story of an orphaned boy named Azad from Amudah in Syria, who fled to Germany during the conflict in his country and became a refugee there.

Azad chooses to work as a translator for obtaining the right to reside there. He believes a translator builds a bridge between two peoples.

But Azad is not merely a translator of speech by human beings. Hundreds of people have been displaced and are suffering from mental illness in Germany, and he becomes the means to transfer the great pain and suffering of these people to the psychologists and administrators.

Their problems have always been a matter of great concern to Azad. 

But thanks to his work, the pain of immigration, and the traumas of a divided country and the story of the secrets of an old love are mentioned in this book.

With realistic scenes and situations “99 Scattered Beads” is both a panoramic novel with details. 

“No doubt the translation of literary works help introduce other languages while it will also be a step forward introducing the culture and literature of other nations. I also wanted people to get to know more about the Kurdish society and their culture,” Khakpur has said. 

“This novel narrates the events happening in West Asia for the Syrian Kurdish nation that is involved in an unwanted war and the problems Kurds are facing. The book tells of the pain and tragedies, which are sometimes filled with love, and it discloses the inner character of the people living in this region,” she added.

Since 2000, Yusiv has lived in Germany. He produces his works in the languages of Kurdish and Arabic. He has released his novels, short stories and plays predominantly in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, England, Germany and Turkey. Only a few of his works have been released in Syria.

“Republic of Fools”, “Executions of a Nose”, “Shoes and Head” and “Worldstation” are among his books.

Photo: Front cover of the Persian translation of Syrian Kurdish writer Helim Yusiv novel “99 Scattered Beads”.


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