“Glory of the Shia” on Musa al-Sadr published in Tehran

July 7, 2020 - 18:24

TEHRAN – “Glory of the Shia”, a book containing interviews with a number of close followers of the Lebanese-Iranian philosopher and Shia religious leader Musa al-Sadr has been published in Tehran.

Iranian scholars Mohsen Kamalian and Ali-Akbar Ranjbar Kermani have compiled the interviews for the book published by the Raazani publishing house.

Among the personalities are Husayn Al-Musawi, a Lebanese who founded the now-dissolved Islamic Amal in 1982, and Naim Qassem, a Shia Lebanese cleric and politician, who was the second-in-command of Hezbollah.

Zakaria Hamza, Abulfazl Al-Musawi and Yusuf Husayn are also among the interviewees.

The key role Al-Sadr played in awakening the Shias in the region is the main topic discussed with the personalities in the book.

The revival of the Islamic movement and Lebanese resistance has also been scrutinized.

The book also studies Al-Sadr’s stances on various issues in West Asia, the Lebanese civil war and the crisis in southern Lebanon.

Al-Sadr’s relations with the 1979 Islamic Revolution have been reviewed.

Musa al-Sadr, also known as Imam Musa Sadr, disappeared with two aides in August 1978 on his way to attend ceremonies commemorating Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi’s ascent to power.

When he was not seen in Tripoli, it was said he had left for Italy. While his fate is not known, it was widely suspected that he was kidnapped at the behest of Gaddafi, who may have viewed him as a religious rival.

Photo: A poster for the book “Glory of the Shia” on Lebanese-Iranian philosopher Musa al-Sadr.  

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