Iran to launch online power plants monitoring center soon

July 12, 2020 - 15:43

TEHRAN – Iranian Energy Ministry will launch the country’s first online power plants monitoring center soon, an official with Thermal Power Plants Holding (TPPH) said on Sunday.

Launching this center will identify the necessary equipment as well as the time for repairs and this way it will result in significant save of time and costs, Ali Isa-Pour told IRNA.

According to Isa-Pour, after obtaining information on the status of power plants the center will analyze the received data in order to assess the power plants condition.

As reported, designing and implementation of the system which is aimed for assessing, maintenance, and repairing of the country’s power plants, has been carried out completely by Iranian experts and is the most effective online system for monitoring power plants status and troubleshooting.

Offering online reports on the state of the power plants, building a network of specialists, providing all types of power plant services as well as reducing operating, maintenance and repair costs through continuous monitoring of the units and predicting failures and providing solutions for the problems are among the features of this system.

Also, the system is going to provide information-related services to knowledge-based companies and business intelligence services within the Ministry of Energy.

Other functions of the system include providing reports to the management teams and providing economic and managerial analysis for decision making, as well as providing additional services needed to operate the power plants.

According to Iran’s Energy Ministry, currently, a total of 478 thermal power plants are operating throughout Iran.

The nominal capacity of electricity generation at Iranian power plants currently stands at nearly 85,000 megawatts [84.795 gigawatts (GW)].


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