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Handicraft Expert: Iranian handicrafts suffer from poor branding

July 13, 2020 - 10:45

As one of the most original arts and crafts in the world, Iranian handicrafts suffer from poor branding.

 Ehsan Mohammadi, an economic activist and designer of luxury handicrafts, added: "Iran has the highest rank in many branches of handicrafts in the world, but our country's products are offered in the target markets without a name or logo."

 He explained that the lack of a specific brand and it has led other countries to confiscate Iranian handicrafts in their own names.  In addition to financial gain, the registration of their brand will also take over the intellectual property of these products.

 Ehsan Mohammadi continued: "This situation has caused many people to copy the pure designs and ideas of Iranian handicrafts and use them in their products without paying a fee, and it is interesting to know that even big and well-known brands behave in this way."

 He said that we must prevent the continuation of these conditions and to stop them as soon as possible, he said: In the current situation, Iranian artists do not benefit financially from their efforts, nor the results of their efforts are recorded in their names and market.

 The economic activist added: "We have to brand our country's handicrafts in order to have both its intellectual property and to benefit from the economic benefits of exporting these products."

 He said that in the design of many products of reputable brands, traces of Iranian handicrafts can be seen.

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