Diplomat says Iran has moved with wisdom toward U.S. irrationality

July 19, 2020 - 19:36

TEHRAN - Iran’s Ambassador to Russia, Kazem Jalali, has said that Iran has clear stance against the United States’ actions, noting that Tehran has moved with wisdom in regard to U.S. irrational behaviors.

In an interview with IRNA published on Sunday, Jalali said that the U.S. President Donald Trump has embarked on illogical, hasty and non-productive propaganda campaign against Iran.

The ambassador said former U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton, a hardliner, had earlier encouraged withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran as the best day in his life but he is now questioning Trump on different areas.

Today, the U.S. Democrats and even many of the Republicans explicitly announce that restoration of the U.S. image discredited in the international community by Trump’s withdrawals from the international treaties and organizations posed a major challenge for Washington after Trump, Jalali said.

Elsewhere, the ambassador slammed Europe for not making enough efforts to counter the U.S. unilateralism.

Elaborating on Iran’s JCPOA achievements, Jalali said that Iran seeks lifting sanctions and enjoying economic interests but thanks to U.S. anti-Iran acts and its economic war against Iran, it has been impossible.   

In an article published by IRNA on July 13, Jalali said that there is still chance to save the nuclear deal if the remaining parties have the political will to keep the agreement.

“When the agreement was signed, almost all the parties admitted that it is a win-win deal. However, after five years of harming the JCPOA and implementing it in an unbalanced way, this characteristic of the mentioned document has been annihilated. However, there is still chance to save the JCPOA and political will and practical action of the remaining parties are required,” he wrote.

He said Russia and China have proved “politically” and “practically” that they are determined to preserve the JCPOA.

But he slammed the Europeans for not being committed to their obligations in practice.


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