Former diplomat says Iran-China partnership will threaten U.S. hegemony

July 21, 2020 - 21:20

TEHRAN – Javad Mansouri, a former Iranian ambassador to China, has said that 25-year cooperation plan between Iran and China will threaten the United States’ hegemony.

“Iran and China’s closeness, as two independent countries, is a threat to the United States’ hegemony, and opposition to it reveals this fear,” Mansouri told the Mehr news agency in an interview published on Tuesday.

He noted that the U.S. is against progress in independent countries.

The former ambassador said Iran and China are two influential countries in Asia and can expand cooperation in various areas.

“There are many spheres for Iran and China to expand cooperation at the international level. After the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the two countries’ relations have expanded in a way that today, most of Iran’s relations are with China,” Mansouri explained.

He also said that China plays an effective role on the international stage and many countries are planning to expand ties with it.

“Countries in the world are analyzing that China will play more important role in the future. So, they feel the necessity to have long-term cooperation with the country and plan for it.”  

Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran’s ambassador to the Vienna-based international organizations, has said that a long term cooperation plan between Iran and China is a “right” and “wise” decision.

“The United States and its allies’ opposition show that the decision to do long term and strategic cooperation with China is right and wise. The foreign opponents of this strategic document are concerned about Iran’s progress and development despite the sanctions which challenge the hegemonic system and can also become a role model for other countries,” Gharibabadi said in a post on his Instagram page, ISNA reported on Saturday.

He noted that the U.S. seeks to keep Iran isolated and impede economic interaction with the country.

The ambassador also said, “Today, China is against the United States’ unilateral policies. It also has $14.14 trillion gross domestic product and is the second-biggest economy in the world. This country has also many common positions with Iran on international issues and has also opposed anti-Iran decisions and actions in international organizations.”

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on June 23 that Iran and China have drafted a 25-year plan for comprehensive cooperation which proves failure of the plots to isolate the Islamic Republic.

In a meeting on June 21, the Iranian cabinet of ministers approved the final draft of the 25-year comprehensive cooperation with China.

President Hassan Rouhani also said the strategic partnership is based on a win-win approach.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on June 29 that the cooperation plan has not been finalized yet.

However, he said, the content of this “agreement will be published once it is finalized.”

Nikki Haley, Donald Trump’s former ambassador to the United Nations, has expressed frustration over the impending partnership between Iran and China.

“The partnership ... would vastly expand Chinese presence in banking, telecommunications, ports, railways, and dozens of other projects,” Haley said.

The New York Times also recently ran an article confirming that Iran and China were nearing the conclusion of the roadmap in defiance of the U.S., saying the document foresees “a sweeping economic and security partnership.”


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