Trade co-op discussed between Iranian, Italian businessmen

July 24, 2020 - 11:12

TEHRAN- The think tank European House - Ambrosetti in partnership with the Italian Embassy in Tehran and the Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce – hosted a virtual Business Forum on "Economic relations between Italy and Iran in the current context: non-oil sectors, SMEs’ role, EU support" on Wednesday evening.

More than 800 Italian and Iranian representatives from the private sector, business consultants and professionals attended the online event, aimed at discussing avenues for economic cooperation, building on a longstanding tradition of friendly relations and vibrant economic bonds between Italy and Iran.

The online event offered participants the opportunity to analyze the current economic context and lay the premises for increased cooperation. Furthermore, a special virtual B2B session was held where participants established direct contact, with a view to exploring options for further cooperation and exchange.

In his opening remarks the Italian Ambassador in Tehran, Giuseppe Perrone, highlighted Italy’s wish to bring economic and trade relations with Iran back on a positive trajectory.

While appreciating the commitment and professionalism by the Iranian private sector, he pointed out the deep historical ties existing between the two countries as well as the significant number of Italian companies who over the years have built strong relationships in Iran and look forward to the opportunity of advancing their cooperation.

On his part, the Chairman of Tehran’s Chamber of Commerce, Masoud Khansari, encouraged participants to bet on Iran’s important economic potential and to develop effective partnerships, including by seizing the opportunities available in the broader region.

Khansari also recognized the special role Italy has always played as a key partner to the Iranian private sector in trade and investment activities, wishing that Italian companies continue to be a reference point for their Iranian counterparts.

The event also included a presentation by experts from the European Union, of new tools made available at the EU level to facilitate trade relations between European companies and Iranian ones.

Although the U.S. renewed sanctions against the Iranian economy are preventing Iran’s European trade partners to do business with the Islamic Republic, Italian traders and businessmen seem strongly determined to preserve their trade ties with Iran.

They did not leave the Iranian market even in the previous round of the sanctions.

During a number of meetings between Iranian and Italian officials and businesspeople after the imposition of the new round of sanctions, the Italian side has repeatedly expressed its eagerness and determination to preserve and even expand economic and trade cooperation with Iran.

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