The U.S. wants crown Israel as the ruler of the Region

If Hezbollah would disarm, USA, EU would take us off FTO list: Nasrallah

August 15, 2020 - 0:27

Beirut- Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah Secretary-General in his today's speech on the anniversary of Hezbollah 's victory in 2006 war with Israel and said, our problem in Lebanon with America and Israel is the Resistance.

"What happened in July 2006 was a real war. It started as a military operation but was made into a real war by the Israelis who called it the Second Lebanon War. It was a war the Israeli enemy imposed upon Lebanon per an American decision," Nasrallah said.

"Militarily, Lebanon stood alone against this usurping entity, which is considered one of the strongest militaries in the world, for 33 days. The resistance, its people, Lebanon remained steadfast until Israel was forced to stop its aggression, back off its demands. Regarding Resistance, its weapons, deployment of international forces at all points of entry into Lebanon. The outcome was UNSC Res 1701," He added.

"War had several results -- strategically, psychologically, and culturally. But I will confine myself to 3, and use that to segway into points I want to address today. The first result was foiling the American project for a new Middle East that was being led by George W. Bush. All sources afterward confirmed Israel's war on Lebanon was part of this project," he highlighted.

"Hezbollah kidnapping the 2 soldiers only sped up this American project - intended to disarm Hezbollah, bring Lebanon into the American orbit, collapse Iran, erase Palestine, and crown Israel as the ruler of the region. All of that fell in Lebanon in July 2006," Nasrallah revealed.This entire American campaign, which began in Afghanistan and went through Iraq, fell here in Lebanon. Of course, the American, when one plan falls, they go for another, he continued.

"Today, our problem in Lebanon with America and Israel is the Resistance -- because the Resistance stands in the face of their ambitions. Lebanon is strong due to the Resistance, so they want it gone. We've been hearing this since 2000, that if Hezbollah would disarm, USA, EU would take us off FTO list, support us financially and politically, and make us their best friends. So I want to make this matter very clear to the Lebanese, this is their problem with us," Hezbollah Secretary-General underscored.

"Israelis on July 20 killed Hezbollah fighter Ali Kamel Mohsen. They knew Hezbollah would respond, we didn't need to say anything, and implemented all security precautions to protect their soldiers' lives and prevent Hezbollah's response," Nasrallah added.

"Now, UAE-Israel Peace Treaty. As a believer, who believes God will take me to account on this issue, I must say a few words on this matter. I don't care to analyze -- just to say a couple of clear words. We weren't surprised by UAE's decision, various forms of Israeli-UAE normalization, cooperation was already underway for a long time. But seems a need for such an announcement was an American one because normalization between Israel/UAE was already underway," Hezbollah leader said.

"The standard for Arab leaders is to please America. How do they do that? By serving Israel and fighting its enemies," SG. underscored.

Referring to the massive explosion in Beirut Port, Nasrallah said that Hezbollah doesn’t have any narrative on the incident. “We are not investigating, the Lebanese state is doing the job.”

The incident has happened theoretically due to either negligence or sabotage, he added.

Hezbollah is entitled only in resistance security and does not want or have the capability to take over domestic security, he said, adding that if investigations proved the explosion was out of negligence, then those responsible must be held accountable and punished.

The most dangerous matter is that there’s a project underway to bring down the Lebanese State, said Nasrallah, adding, the scheme’s aim was to rile up political forces’ pressure against President Aoun to force him to resign.

The second goal targeted the parliament, through resignations, but it also failed, added Nasrallah. “They are trying to take the country to civil war. They were trying to do that when former PM Saad Hariri was kidnapped.”

“Now, regarding the formation of new gov’t, we tell the Lebanese not to listen to those attempting to exploit the disaster to accomplish their political goals. We call for a strong gov’t that has political backing from parliamentary factions, so it can withstand pressure.”

A neutral government is ‘a waste of time’ and a ‘fake way’ to bypass the popular will, he said, adding, “So let’s go for a national unity gov’t or one with the broadest possible popular and parliamentary representation.”

“Regarding protests, we’ve seen all boundaries crossed. Who do these people represent? We respect those peacefully protesting not those who are backed by embassies.”

He called on Hezbollah supporters to be ‘patient’ and not let go of their anger as the day might come when “we need it to end all attempts to drag Lebanon into civil war.”

“Through patience and holding onto resistance and its capabilities we will overcome these difficult times.”

"I want to end by saying that maintaining the resistance and its protection of Lebanon is the most important outcome of the 2006 war," he concluded.

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