Gas stations start gasoline vapor recovery

August 15, 2020 - 13:25

TEHRAN - Head of the National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) has announced the implementation of the first phase of a plan called KAHAB for recovery of gasoline vapor in the country’s gas stations, Shana reported.

The KAHAB project (the acronym stands for reduction, conduction, transmission, and recycling of gasoline vapor in Persian), is currently being implemented in all the gas stations of the capital Tehran, Keramat Veis-Karami told the national TV.

According to the official, the plan is also being conducted for the three oil storages in the three corners of Tehran.

“The northwest oil storage is already equipped with this vapor recycling system, the system for the other two, namely Rey oil storage and the northeast oil storage has also been financed and we are in the design stage to award the projects to the contractors,” Veis-Karami explained.

The official expressed hope that the contractor for the mentioned projects would be selected in the current Iranian calendar year (ends in March 2021).

He noted that the KAHAB program is going to be implemented in three phases and the first phase of which has already been implemented in the country’s gas stations especially in the capital Tehran.

At first, KAHAB was established to pursue environmental goals, but now it has been considered as an economic plan.

The project entails equipping about 80 depots, 3400 gasoline refueling stations, and 10,000 road tankers across the country with the recovery system.

The evaporation of organic compounds in the gasoline will cause physiological damage, including damage to the human central nervous system, nose, throat and eye irritation, genetic mutation, premature delivery and etc.

Also, harmful environmental effects such as acid rain, global climate changing, earth's temperature increasing, the phenomenon of photochemical smog creation, and ozone layer depletion arise from these compounds.

Volatile products in contact with Oxygen evaporate and enter the air.


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