Iran’s defense industry is advancing: Hatami

August 19, 2020 - 17:39

TEHRAN - Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Wednesday that Iran’s defense industry is advancing.

Hatami made the remarks during a meeting with members of the parliament’s industries and mines committee.

The defense chief said the military is involved in national programs such as “space program” and other fields favored by Majlis (parliament) and the administration. 

The minister said Iran is located in a strategic region where there are many players and it is necessary that Iran promote its defense and deterrence capabilities.

“We have to increase our domestic deterrent and defense power, and we need independent research budget to reach objectives of our strategic policies. We hope the 11the Majlis (sitting parliament), as before, would pay attention to this important issue,” General Hatami pointed out.

Hatami said on Sunday that Iran will unveil new defense equipment on the National Defense Industry Day, which falls on August 21.

“There are also achievements in missile, drone, marine and aerial areas which will be unveiled with the presence of the president by the end of the year,” he said during a press conference.

The current Iranian calendar year ends on March 20, 2021.

The defense minister also said that the country will send satellites into space by its two indigenized carriers named Simorq (Phoenix) and Zol Janah.

He noted, “The Islamic Republic of Iran’s space program is a permanent program which has passed several phases and has several other phases ahead.”

“The country needs heavier cargos over 100 kilograms to be carried into space and we plan to carry heavier cargos to the higher altitude orbits which will be done by the Simorq and Zol Janah satellite carriers,” Hatami explained.

“We have the Sarir satellite carrier for cargos weighing between 300 kilograms to 1,000 kilograms and we will, of course, have Soroush-1 and Soroush-2 satellite carriers for higher altitude orbits at 36,000 kilometers,” the Fars news agency quoted him as saying.



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