Infamous terrorist hunted down and killed in southeastern Iran

August 24, 2020 - 20:48

TEHRAN – The commander of Iran’s Border Guards has announced that his forces have killed a dangerous terrorist and wounded several outlaws in armed clashes in the Saravan region in the southeastern province of Sistan-Balouchestan.

“After being informed of the presence of the outlaws in the Saravan region, the border guards pinpointed their hideout and took control of the region by dispatching several operational teams,” Ahmad Ali Goudarzi said.

“The terrorists fired at the border guards and were attempting to flee to the heights of the region, but one of the terrorists who had earlier this year injured one of the border guards in Saravan was killed after proper operational tactics and a high volume of fire by the Iranian forces,” the brigadier general added.

Goudarzi said that weapons, ammunition, and telecommunications equipment were seized from the terrorist.

“Several terrorists were also severely injured in the clashes and fled to the heights of a neighboring state,” he added while pointing out that arresting them is on the agenda of the border guards.


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