French theaters screen IIDCYA animation “The Crow and a Funny Sparrow”

September 13, 2020 - 18:24

TEHRAN – French movie theaters started screening the Iranian animated film “The Crow and a Funny Sparrow” last week on Wednesday, the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), the producer of the film, announced on Sunday.

The movie is composed of three short movies: “Once a Crow” Abdollah Alimorad, “A Raven Who Wanted to Be the Most Powerful” by Mohammad-Ali Soleimanzadeh and “The Sparrow and the Cotton Seed” by Morteza Ahadi.

The movies have been acquired by Les Films du Whippet, a Paris-based children’s film distributor and DVD publisher.

“Once a Crow” tells the story of a greedy crow who steals everything in its reach: soap, door keys, buttons, coins and jewels, stirring up ill-feelings in the quiet village. The story becomes complicated when he steals the diamond from the king’s turban and an innocent man is accused.

“The Sparrow and the Cotton Seed” is about a little sparrow,which, tempted by a cotton seed serving as bait, is caught in a hunter’s trap. His luck changes when he is rescued by a young girl. The freed bird then puts the seed to multiple uses. His determination and desire lead him to overcome a number of hurdles, which help to develop his understanding of the world.

In “A Raven Who Wanted to Be the Most Powerful”, a raven from the time of birth feels different from his brothers and sisters, and wants to become the strongest of animals. He challenges all the animals he meets and emerges victorious in all fights. But one day, he sees his reflection in the waters of a lake.

The animations were previously screened in France in 2007. Les Films du Whippet planned to screen the animation collection in March to celebrate the company’s 15th anniversary. However, the plan was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: A poster for Iranian animated film “The Crow and a Funny Sparrow”.


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