By Mohammad Mazhari

Persian Gulf states' hypocrisy is being revealed: Iraqi politician

September 14, 2020 - 20:36

TEHRAN – The spokesman of the al-Sadeghoun movement in Iraq says that the normalization of ties between some Arab countries with Israel has revealed these regimes' hypocrisy.

"They are regimes that their hypocrisy has been revealed completely to their people and the world," Mahmoud al-Rabi'i tells the Tehran Times.

He also says Trump is brokering deals between Arab states and Israel to gain Israeli lobbies' backing for his election campaign.

Al-Rabi'i also says normalization of ties between Persian Gulf states and Israel will not change their regional status.

The following is the text of the interview:

Q: What is your comment on Bahrain's move to normalize ties with Israel, following the Emirati decision?

A: Normalization with Israel, this usurping entity created by arrogant global superpowers in the heart of the region, is a major betrayal of Palestine's cause and its occupied capital Jerusalem.

 It is also a betrayal of the patriotic and national principles that have been cherished by Arab and Islamic governments and nations for a long time.  It was an end to the central cause of the Arabs and a bias to the will of Zionism against the will of Palestinians and their stolen rights.

Regarding the UAE and Bahrain's normalization of ties with this usurping entity, it must be said that these countries' governments are client states installed by Britain to rule the areas they occupied. 

These governments do not represent their people and have confiscated their will. They follow the American policies and its great project in the region, which aims to protect the Zionist regime's security.

Also, what happened by the declaration of normalization was nothing but the fall of the last masks that were worn by the rulers of these countries who have been in a relationship with this regime for a long time.

We firmly believe that the main reason that pushed towards normalization in this period is Netanyahu's failure to impose his authority on Tel Aviv. On the other hand, the United States, in particular Trump, needs to take steps to promote the U.S. position in the region after his policies failed in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and Yemen.

Moreover, Trump's failure to fulfill his electoral promises, which paved the way for him to reach the White House, pushed him to accelerate the normalization process.

These deals are nothing but attempts to promote America and Israel’s position in the region by means of their servants and clients in the (Persian) Gulf.

Q: Do you expect Saudi Arabia to join the UAE and Bahrain?

A: Saudis may not join the process of normalization formally at this time period, but we know that the path that is taken by Bin Zayed, and after him, Al Khalifa will be followed by Saudi Arabia and its Crown Prince bin Salman.

 Bin Salman has turned Saudi Arabia into a milk cow that fulfills all of Trump's ambitions in the region.

 Saudi Arabia may postpone the declaration of normalization, but just for a while.

 The last measure it took to open airspace to the Israeli airplane clearly reveals the malicious intentions of this regime, whose hands are stained with the blood of Arabs in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, and others.

Q: What is the Trump administration's goal in accelerating ties between the Persian Gulf states and Israel?

A: Regarding the goals that Donald Trump seeks to achieve, I think that he tries to gain the Zionist lobby's approval that controls the political mainstream in the United States.

As we approach the election date, Trump increases pressure on his agents in Bahrain and the Emirates to announce the normalization of ties during this period.

In fact, he likes to demonstrate his ability to control the paths of normalization of ties between Arab countries and Israel.

Q: Why are the U.S. and Israel insistent on strengthening relations with dictators?

A: America and Israel, as a fake regime, claim that they want to export democracy and defend human rights, but the facts show the falsehood of these claims.

They have long sought to protect totalitarian dictatorial regimes that confiscate peoples' wills and plunder their wealth and money for the benefit of ruling families submissive to the American will.

It seems that the contradiction between "say" and "fact" has become a feature of American policy in the world in general and the Middle East (West Asia) in particular.

Q: What will be the fate of the normalization agreement with Israel? Do you think that Israel is able to control the region?

A: The current normalization of ties between these countries and Israel will not change their regional status in any way, as they are regimes that their hypocrisy has been revealed completely to their people and the world.

America is fully aware that the real force that threatens its plans in the region is the power of the axis of resistance led by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the resistance movements in Iraq that existed before the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

The Islamic resistance in Iraq could end the American military occupation after 2003, and it is the same forces from which Hashd al-Shaabi emerged in response to the call of the religious authority.

The Islamic resistance could undermine terrorism in Iraq, especially Daesh.

Not to mention the strength of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah) and Ansar Allah in Yemen, as well as the heroic steadfastness of the Bahraini revolutionaries and the youth of Al-Ahsa and Al-Qatif in Saudi Arabia, which stand in the face of the rule of Al Saud.

Here lies the power of truth that Washington, Tel Aviv, and the (Persian) Gulf rulers cannot overcome in all cases.

Q: What is your prediction of the Arab peoples' attitudes towards normalization?

A: The Arab and Islamic peoples are experiencing a great awakening today, and the arrogance of Americans and their hostile plots to Islam and humanity that violate rights and plunder the wealth of Muslims have been revealed.

 Therefore, there is a great popular rejection of these treacherous agreements because they do not serve the interest of Muslim peoples and do not serve the just causes, they seek to achieve, foremost among which is Palestine's liberation and salvation from the usurper Israeli regime.

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