Handmade knifemaking to be revived in Ardebil

September 19, 2020 - 21:0

TEHRAN – The forgotten art of making handmade knives, which was once flourished in northwestern Ardebil province, is planned to be revived in the near future.

Due to its long history, Ardebil province is one of the regions that has several traditional and ancient handicrafts and arts, one of which is knife making.

The field was popular to such an extent that there was a part in the historic bazaar of Ardebil called the bazaar of knife-makers, however, nowadays, there are only five crafters active in this field in the province.

Reviving this field of handicrafts is on the agenda of the province’s Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts Department, and necessary measures are being taken in this regard, provincial tourism chief Nader Fallahi said on Saturday.

Creating a sales market for the crafters’ products in this field is as important as reviving the field, the official added. 

Knifemaking is one of the oldest handicrafts practiced for centuries in several Iranian cities, of which the northwestern city of Zanajn is the most famous.

Knives, swords, and daggers were produced and a lot of knife making workshops were active in these cities. But due to their design, cut, diversity, and durability, Zanjan knives have been the most successful.

The most important material for handmade knives is Iron. The handle is made from materials such as elk horns, seashells, wood, fiber, or ivory. The knife makers usually carve their name into the blade. Gems, jewelry, filigree, pieces of seashells, and ivory are some of the ornate they add to their creations.

Sprawling on a high, windswept plateau, Ardebil is well-known for having lush natural beauties, hospitable people, and its silk and carpet trade tradition. It is also home to the UNESCO-registered Sheikh Safi al-Din Khanegah and Shrine Ensemble.

The province is very cold in winter and mild in summer, attracting thousands every year. The capital city of Ardebil is usually recorded as one of the coldest cities in the country in winter.


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