It’s the U.S. which has no option other than returning to negotiations with Iran: official  

October 30, 2020 - 17:2

TEHRAN – The chief of the Presidential Strategic Research Center has said it is the United States that has no option other than renter the negotiations with Iran.

Hesamodin Ashena made the remarks in response to a commentary by the BBC Persian which said whether Donald Trump or Joe Biden wins the November 3 presidential elections, Iran will have no alternative other than negotiations with the United States.

“You are mistaken. It is America which has no way other than returning to the negotiation table,” Ashena wrote on his Twitter account.

Ashena added, “Now that they have understood that the strategy of ‘maximum pressure’ has failed and Iranians have resisted against inclusive sanctions, Trump or Biden will reach the same conclusion that Obama reached.”

The head of the Presidential Strategic Research Center went on to say that Iran is an actor and not a country that is manipulated.

“Iran is not a plaything, it is an actor,” he concluded.

In its commentary, the BBC has claimed that Iran has eyed on the victory of Biden. However Iranian officials have repeatedly said there is no difference between Trump and Biden and only their approaches are different.

Certain analysts and diplomats also say the U.S. approach toward Iran is just a matter of tactics and not policies.
Nader Entessar, a professor from the University of South Alabama, tells the Tehran Times that although a Biden victory most likely will bring a degree of normalcy and predictability to American foreign policy, especially in terms of the strained Trans-Atlantic relations, Iran will not benefit much from the outcome of the 2020 U.S. presidential election.”

Entessar also says, “Biden will strengthen the traditional U.S. alliance system and thus the U.S. under Joe Biden will be able to exert more multilateral and international pressure on Iran than Trump has been able to do.”


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